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About Author

From the soothing rhythm of village gamelans to the pulsing beat of Kuta's nightlife, The sound of bali reflect the incridible complexity I have come to find on this Island.

I have an interesting story about my experience as  Balinese. I always want to maintain the original cotoms and culture of Bali. I study my Island's culture, like balinese dance, Balinese gamelan, and Utsawa Dharma Gita (a traditional song used for religious ceremonies).

Most of bali's population is Hindu. Balinse Hinduism has many religious days (rerahinan days). The rerahinan days in Bali include Galungan, Kuningan, Pagerwesi, Nyepi, Saraswati and Ciwaratri.
nyepi is a seclusion day where all hindus do the ceremony with four prohibitions : not working, not eating, not going out, and not using any fire or light. Before nyepi, the tawur agung ceremony is held (pengerupukan day). The night before nyepi , there is the ogoh-ogoh parade. Ogoh-ogoh is a symbol of butha kala, a kind of monster or demon. Ogoh-ogoh parades are held around the area of  village.

After Nyepi, most of people usually go to the beach to take a bath. most people believe this activity important for mesuci ( cleaing themselves). the name of this day is Ngembak geni. besides bali is being popular because of its beautiful scenery, bali is also popular because of its culture, custom, and tradition.

Apart from the above, there are so many attractions in Bali. If the reader want to know more.... LET'S VISIT BALII :)